3 on 3 Basketball League Rules

**Official Iowa High School Rules of the game will be applied with the following exemptions:


1. Each team must have a minimum of 3 players on court to start the game and can have a maximum of 10 players in its roster.

2. All players of the teams must be on the registration form by the entry deadline. Any additions and/or changes on the line-up must be approved by League’s Officials/Sports Director prior to the start of the Team’s first game.

3. A Parent/Guardian’s waiver should be signed and turned-over to the League Organizer/Sports Director before the start of the game. 

4. The first listed team will be the HOME TEAM and expected to wear light colored jerseys.

5. Size 28.5” women ball will be used in all the games of the League. Each team must provide a ball and mutually agree which one to use.  If there’s no agreement, the home team will provide the game ball. 

6. The Coach is allowed to be with his Team at a bench.

7. Teams are responsible for keeping track of the score throughout the game, thus it is advised to assign a SCOREKEEPER for each team in every games. In the event of discrepancy or misinterpretation, the assigned League Official will have the final say.  


8. The Team listed last on the schedule will have ball first to start the game. 

9. All Divisions play 20 minute game with clock stopping last minute.

10. The 30-second timeout is granted to each team per regulation game. 

11. Substitutions can occur during time out, injury, or made basket and shall be made during a dead ball. Kindly notify the assigned official prior to entering the game.

12. No throw-ins, if the ball goes out of bounds check at the top of key.

13. There will be three point goals in all grade levels. 

14. The ball must be taken back past the three point line on all change of possessions. It can be dribbled or passed back to clear the three point line. 

15. Ball must be checked by the defensive team on any change of possession (except rebounds of missed shots).

16. All dead ball play begins at the determined mark on the court with the ball being “checked” to the offensive player. The offensive player may pass or dribble the ball in to play once the ball is checked, and then the clock will start if it is in the last minute of play, otherwise the clock continues.


17. Technical or intentional foul will result in two points and the ball. 

18. Two (2) free-throws will be shot on all shooting fouls and bonus will start on 7th team foul with 2 shots being awarded.

19. Ball must be checked at the check box during non-shooting fouls (Top of 3 Point Line).

20. Each player can receive 6 fouls before fouling out of game.

21. On a free throw the players can go into the lane once it is released from the free throw shooters hand. Teams will line up for bonus and shooting foul free throws.

22. The inbounding player may pass the ball in or dribble the ball in, but they are not allowed to penetrate past the 3 point line without a team member touching the ball. He/she is allowed to shoot the ball without another player touching it after coming in play.

· This serves as a warning on the first violation and game must restart, then loss of possession thereafter. One offensive player in the check box.  The ball must be returned by the defensive team on a rebound, steal, or air ball to the three point arc (1 foot must at least touch the line) before they can become an offensive team. 


23. In case of overtime, each team selects three (3) different Free Throw Shooters, alternate shooting between teams and getting the best of 3 wins the game.  In the 2nd overtime, each team selects one (1) Free Throw Shooter and sudden death rules apply.  (Ex.  Team 1 Free Throw Shooter misses, Team 2 shooter makes the game over.)


24. SPORTSMANSIP shall be strictly observed by all participants and fans.

25. The Coaches are responsible for the conduct of his/her respective team players as well as to his/her team’s Spectators. 

26. Profanity will not be tolerated and would result to an automatic technical foul and possible ejection.

27. If a player or coach receives two technical fouls in the same game, he is ejected from game and may not play or coach in the team’s next scheduled game. 

28. The Officials have the authority to eject any player or spectator from the building for any reason. They may also declare a forfeit or double forfeit if play has gotten out of hand.

29. Fighting will result in an automatic technical, ejection, and probable expulsion from the league, at the discretion of the Site Supervisor. A player’s ejection for fighting is automatic and not subject to appeal